*Not to sure what all of this is about

Of course I’m aware with the issue snowboarders have with the FIS. That’s nothing new. Of course this has only been amplified ever since snowboarding became a part of the olympics, and no doubt the issue will only grow with the debut of slopestyle at the next winter games.

That being said, not sure why this all rests on the shoulders of Shaun White. Of course he is one of the most well known snowboarders, but one of these photos was posted by Travis Rice on Instagram. I’d say in my opinion that Travis Rice is just as influential, if not more, than Shaun White. 

Travis Rice ranks the highest on this month’s exposure meter on Transworld Snowboarding. Therefore I think he, if not other snowboarders, should take part in whatever role they believe will help straighten shit out with the FIS. 

Personally I think the sticker is lame, and does exactly the opposite of what snowboarding is suppose to be about. But that’s just me.


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    To the outside (non snowboarding world) Shaun White is the only snowboarder alive. If Shaun White talks about it it’ll...
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