*When asked if the Newsweek cover seen here is part of a pattern by liberals against female conservatives.

"Oh absolutely. Look they hate all conservatives but they have a special kind of loathing for  women conservatives." - Monica Crowley

In the Fox News piece, Crowley goes on to discuss how liberals did the same thing with Sarah Palin, noting that their presence is a “threat” against the liberal way of life. 

Or maybe people pick on them because they’re not smart, don’t feel gays should have any rights and basically have very skewed vision as to how the world should be run.


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    Thank you - that was perfect.
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    It’s often said that feminism is “the radical notion that women are people.” Well, here we are, liberals. We’re women....
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    I’m sorry but I couldn’t not reblog this. The amount of hate I get for being a female and conservative is saddening.
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    They’re just jealous because we’re more feminine looking.
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